About Price drop alerts

Now with eOffersIndia out-of-the-box feature, you can easily add products of your choice from top online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart and set a minimum price. Upon setting a minimum price, you will be notified via different channels like email, SMS & other notification systems when the price drops.

How does it work?

Add product for price drop alerts

You can add a number of products just by entering URL of the product store page or by searching product name in above form. You can set minimum price after adding product to price drop list.

Check prices

Further, you don’t need to wait for the site to send an email for price drop alerts; instead, you can check the live prices of added products on your dashboard only. The dashboard will also show the live prices for the list of items added to the price drop alert section.

With price drop alert feature, you will get notified when amazon or flipkart product price dropped as per your minimum price.
Currently you can set price drop alerts for Amazon & Flipkart products.
In the above form on this page, search product by its url or product name. After results, click on "+ Add to price drop list" button.
After adding products to your price drop list, Visit your Dashboard and in the price drop list click on "Edit" link of product.
You can add unlimited products & each product has 100 days validity. After 100 days you don't get notification for this product.
You will be notified to your registered email, but you can check live prices at any time on your Dashboard.
Yes, you can check live prices of your price drop list at your Dashboard. Visit your dashboard and click on "Check for price drops Now (Live prices)" link.